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Re: a few new packages

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From: "Stephan Erickson" <>
To: <>
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Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 8:06 AM
Subject: a few new packages

> Hello,
> I'd like to see if there are any existing projects regarding porting
> these packages to Cygwin. I can volunteer to maintain one or more of
> these. I might take a while to get them done as individual packages (1
> month or so). Also I'm new to Cygwin.
> thanks,
> Stephan
> db-4.0.14-1.setup.hint
> category: Database
> requires: cygwin
> sdesc: "The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library"
> ldesc: "High performance database library supporting B+trees, Hash
> trees, transactional capabilities and more. More details are available
> at"

I've not heard of any, and I don't recall Chuck mentioning any. Someone
else was looking at V3 IIRC. Anyway, this would be great to have as a

> mysql-3.23.47-1.setup.hint
> category: Database
> requires: cygwin
> sdesc: "The MySQL Relational Database Management System"
> ldesc: "Relational database management system. More details are
> available at"

Likewise. I believe Stipe Tolj produced a cygwin mysql client, but not
the server end. Again, this has my vote.

> w3c-libwww-5.3.2-1.setup.hint
> category: Libs Net Web
> requires: cygwin
> sdesc: "The LibWWW world wide web client library"
> ldesc: "The W3C LibWWW world wide web client library. More details are
> available at";

I'm easy on this one, no personal use, but I can see it getting used.
Are there any commandline tools with it? If not, then I think the Net
and Web categories are incorrect (it has no direct use). Contrast with
libxml2, which has xmllint in the package. If/when I split libxml2 into
client and library packages, the client will be in docs, but the library
won't be.

> webalizer-2.01-09.setup.hint
> category: Web Utils
> requires: cygwin gd
> sdesc: "Webalizer Web Log Analysis"
> ldesc: "Generate website hit/visit/page statistics and graphs
> daily and hourly usage, top URLS, top entry pages, top exit pages,
> visiting sites, and countries. More details are available at

Excellent, again, this has my vote.

> Note that Qmail is not listed right now, sorry. Too many packages for
> to handle, and Qmail is not an integral part of our application

4 packages is a great contribution - there's not need to apologise for
not doing *everything* :}.


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