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Re: Apache 1.3.22-3 ready to go?!

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Yup.  It's using the wrong path.  And it doesn't work that
> way apparently without the option not to fork.
> I grubbed a bit in the apache documentation and found that the
> native Windows version has two command line options `-n' and
> `-k' to install, stop and restart apache as service.
> Wouldn't it make sense to use that part of the source code for
> the Cygwin apache, too?  It must be similar to the service stuff
> in inetd.
> Anyway, I have no preferences.  You can use your own option for
> starting with cygrunsrv or the native Windows options, whatever
> is less work.

I'll see how dificult the native Win32 thing is to include, otherwise
I'll drop back to sshd's option to "not fork" for cygrunsrv support.

> Another question:  Are you planning to support mod_ssl in future
> as well?  I'm sure it would be most appriciated.  If I'm not
> completely off track, it's needed to allow https connections to
> apache, right?

yep, mod_ssl is the glue between Apache and OpenSSL to implement the
HTTPS scheme. BTW, mod_ssl is "more then a regular" Apache API
modules, because Ralf adds the EAPI (enhanced API) to the Apache
source tree. It's required to get additional hooks into Apache's core
structure, which are not supported by the regular API.

mod_ssl is supposed to compile and build OOTB on Cygwin. See CAMP
distribution page at for a
working version under Cygwin.

I'm not quite sure how we may include Apache shared module DLL
packages to the Cygwin net distro?! I would like to keep the core
distribution stand alone and add something like ""
for the shared modules only. I guess this may be a usefull way?!

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