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Re: RFC: updated package wget-1.7.1-1

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 09:32:22PM -0500, Charles Wilson wrote:
> It looks pretty good to me -- I rebuilt it from source right now and it 
> seems okay.  The *only* quibble I have is that the binary package 
> contains this file:
> /etc/wgetrc
> Since it is just a copy of /usr/doc/wget-1.7.1/sample.wgetrc, you should 
> probably just add some logic to your postinstall shell script:
> if [ ! -f /etc/wgetrc ]; then
>   cp /usr/doc/wget-1.7.1/sample.wgetrc /etc/wgetrc
> fi
> Of course, future versions must take care to change the 
> /usr/doc/wget-1.7.1/ path in that script...

I agree.  It's some months ago when somebody complained on the cygwin
mailing list that each new openssh version overwrites the config files
which has been changed by the user with so much love in detail...

It's actually better the package only installs new config files if
there don't exist old ones.  That's best handled in the postinstall

I'm just still thinking about the following situation.

Sometimes a package changes the config file layout or some other
important detail has been removed or has been added.  How do we
inform the user?  Rpm packages often rename the old config file
to foo.conf.rpmsave or foo.conf.rpmold and the admin gets mail
about an important change in package foo.

We don't have the mail mechanism at hand so... I don't know.



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