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Re: Maintainers of CURL, MUTT, PYTHON and WGET, heads up!

"Roth, Kevin P." wrote:
> Yes, I checked an actual SSL connection. It actually worked ;-)
> There's no call anywhere in the source to SSLeay or SSLeay_version.
> There are some references to the value of both SSLEAY_VERSION_NUMBER and
> OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER. It's not assigned (set) anywhere in curl's code,
> just used. I do see ">=" types of comparisons (as opposed to checking
> for specific version #'s), so I assume he's golden in that regard.
> I will try to get the upstream folk to change the behavior so it uses
> SSLeay_version() sometime in the future...
> Thanks for the info.
> --Kevin

So I'm the last one to report back. Wget works well too (tested against
a couple of SSL sites) with the new openssl package. No uses of SSLeay()

[wget-1.7]$ grep -ri ssleay .
./src/gen_sslfunc.c:  SSLeay_add_all_algorithms ();
./src/gen_sslfunc.c:  SSLeay_add_ssl_algorithms ();
./windows/Makefile.src:#SSLLIBS =       libeay32.lib ssleay32.lib
./windows/README:Usually at runtime some openssl libraries (currently
ssleay32.dll and

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Hack Kampbjørn

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