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Re: cygpath patch

Sounds like a great idea to me.  Note however, than symbolic links are 
implemented using windows shortcuts, so:

ln -s foo.html `cygpatch -P`/foo_help.html

will do what you want.


Joshua Franklin wrote:

> I've put together a prospective patch to cygpath that
> adds 4 new options:
>   -D|--desktop          print `Desktop' directory
>   -E|--alldesktop       print (all users') `Desktop'
> directory
>   -P|--smprograms       print Start Menu `Programs'
> directory
>   -Q|--allsmprograms    print (all users') Start Menu
> `Programs' directory
> I'm not at all sure on the names. -D and -P make sense
> to me, but the other two are
> just the next letter alphabetically. For example, the
> -E option on my machine outputs:
> $ ./cygpath.exe -E
> /c/Documents and Settings/All Users/Desktop
> This patch would make possible things like:
> $ ln -s /usr/doc/mutt-1.2.5i/html/manual.html
> "$(./cygpath.exe -D)"/mutt-manual.html
> from scripts without worrying about whether the
> Desktop directory is the same on the machine 
> you're writing it for.
> My only question is whether I would need to change the
> output of -v or if that's done internally:
> $ ./cygpath.exe -v
> Cygwin path conversion version 1.1
> Copyright 1998,1999,2000,2001 Red Hat, Inc.
> Well, and I guess I am also asking whether this is a
> stupid idea and I should use this only on 
> my own machine, or else to send in the patch. :)
> My eventual goal was to make it possible to link FAQs
> (local or online), manuals, or executables 
> (rxvt) to the "Cygwin" Start Menu folder (if it
> exists) from postinstall scripts. But it looks like ln
> can 
> only link files with no options allowed. I see in the
> setup.exe code that there is a "mklink2.c" that 
> accomplishes what I'd been wanting. Is there any
> cygwin util that utilizes this code or should I 
> roll my own?
> Thanks.
> Joshua Daniel Franklin
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