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Re: ITP: libtool-devel, libtool-stable, libtool (wrappers)

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 12:14:24PM -0500, Charles Wilson wrote:
>>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>Didn't I already vote on this?  I can't remember.
>>>I say "just do it", too.
>>I'm waiting for resolution/consensus on the '-' vs. '_' issue...if we 
>>*are* going to rename auto*-[stable|devel] to auto*_[stable|devel], I 
>>don't want to have to rename the libtool packages too.  I want them 
>>named "correctly" from the beginning.
> I thought that the consensus (i.e., Robert and me) was that '_' shouldn't
> be special.

Correct, but I'm referring to a different '-' vs. '_' issue -- the one 
you outline below:

> I don't see any reason to rename libtool-devel to libtool_devel, though.
> It is only a problem when there is a number involved after the dash.
> There are other packages which use dashes in their names.

right -- and robert is (tentatively?) advocating a CHANGE in that -- 
disallowing '-' within the pkgname field.  It looks like you, me, and 
Corinna all prefer the status quo: dashes okay, and require parsing from 
R to L, so that the final two '-' delimited fields (of N >= 3) are VER 
and REL.

So, xxx-yyy-zzz-VER-REL has five "fields" (even though we presume that 
xxx-yyy-zzz is the actual pkgname, '-' characters and all).  When parsed 
R to L, you end up with field #5 =REL, field #4 =VER, and "the rest" = name.

Robert is worried about the fragility of that scheme, and (may) be 
advocating a requirement so that:


has specifically 3 '-' delimited fields. No confusion. Field #1 =name. 
Field #2=VER.  Field #3=REL.  This requires renaming five existing 
packages, and impacts the naming of my proposed libtool packages.


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