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cygpath patch

I've put together a prospective patch to cygpath that
adds 4 new options:
  -D|--desktop          print `Desktop' directory
  -E|--alldesktop       print (all users') `Desktop'
  -P|--smprograms       print Start Menu `Programs'
  -Q|--allsmprograms    print (all users') Start Menu
`Programs' directory

I'm not at all sure on the names. -D and -P make sense
to me, but the other two are
just the next letter alphabetically. For example, the
-E option on my machine outputs:
$ ./cygpath.exe -E
/c/Documents and Settings/All Users/Desktop

This patch would make possible things like:
$ ln -s /usr/doc/mutt-1.2.5i/html/manual.html
"$(./cygpath.exe -D)"/mutt-manual.html
from scripts without worrying about whether the
Desktop directory is the same on the machine 
you're writing it for.

My only question is whether I would need to change the
output of -v or if that's done internally:
$ ./cygpath.exe -v
Cygwin path conversion version 1.1
Copyright 1998,1999,2000,2001 Red Hat, Inc.

Well, and I guess I am also asking whether this is a
stupid idea and I should use this only on 
my own machine, or else to send in the patch. :)

My eventual goal was to make it possible to link FAQs
(local or online), manuals, or executables 
(rxvt) to the "Cygwin" Start Menu folder (if it
exists) from postinstall scripts. But it looks like ln
only link files with no options allowed. I see in the
setup.exe code that there is a "mklink2.c" that 
accomplishes what I'd been wanting. Is there any
cygwin util that utilizes this code or should I 
roll my own?

Joshua Daniel Franklin

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