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Re: ITP: libtool-devel, libtool-stable, libtool (wrappers)

Robert Collins wrote:

>>Correct -- it does work from R to L.  If we cannot depend on this
>>behavior, then we must rename the following packages:
> Which is one of the implications of the thread where you said

Well, consider it a thinko on my part.  I was considering 
"foo-alphabetic-version-release" different from 
"foo-numeric-version-release" -- but of course, version can have 
alphabetic characters in it, and my bzip example had numerals in the 
"extra" field.

So both cases really just boil down to: there are four pegs and only 
three slots.

IMO, we should either mandate that:

name field(s) cannot contain '-' so that we ALWAYS only have three 
'-'delimited fields (four in the case of -src packages), or

setup/upset will always parse from R to L, so the FINAL two '-'delimited 
fields will always be considered REL and VER. (or '-src' and REL and VER 
in the -src case)

> We don't need to rename them immediately, but at the first opportunity
> IMO. And setup will need to be geared to handle the rename smoothly as
> well (which is on the long term plan anyway). Does '-' sort before or
> after '_' ? :].

'-' is 0x2d, '_' is 0x5f 

So, an empty, fake autoconf-devel "update" and a real autoconf_devel 
package can be "installed" during the same setup.exe run, and things 
should just "work".  Until setup.exe learns about package conflicts, at 
which point things become more complicated.

> I don't like having fragile behaviour in setup.exe - and this is
> potentially fragile - thus the desire to simplify the parsing rules.

I think this is a social problem, not a software engineering problem. 
Either way you are imposing a requirement on packagers:

a) only use the last two '-' delimited fields for VER and REL, or

b) always use exactly two '-' characters in the package name, between 
the "name" field and the "VER" field, and between the "VER" field and 
the "REL" field.  (src packages get an extra '-src' tacked onto the end).

I think we are already doing (a) -- so why not just make that policy, 
and go with it...and force upset/setup to obey.

> I'm open to commentary - ideally, long term, setup will not care at all
> about file naming outside of local scanned installs, and that can be
> done via a preprocessor to generate a setup.ini. This however _requires_
> setup.ini to be have more required fields than it does today.
> The other question, is  - should '-' or '_' go between name, version and
> cygwin-version?

'-' definitely.

> tetex-beta is more intuitive that tetex_beta, but doing it that way
> would require relabelling all the packages globally. Of course a
> transition period will exist before setup.exe and upset are changed...
> but that could be quite long :].

I don't really see a difference between tetex-beta and tetex_beta. 
Either is fine with me (actually, I believe it should be just 'tetex'. 
Doesn't the fact that it has a version number of 20001218 indicate that 
the source was taken from CVS and is therefore, by definition, "beta"?)


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