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Re: feedback

Actually I wasn't thinking for a minute there. Individual packages it
shall be.

I've got an attempt at db-3.0.55, nothing glamorous, getting the hang of
db-4.0.14 will be on the way.. always afraid of new software myself

To check out this package go to

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 05:31:58PM -0800, Stephan Erickson wrote:
> > - the mufassa module as of now is compiled with the Apache-SSL source
> > code. Not all platforms support DSO Apache modules well, and I'm not
> > sure about Cygwin.
> Did you try it with Stipes Apache (which will hopefully soon
> be part of the net distro)?  I agree with Robert that it
> would be actually better to get all this stuff as single packages
> and Mufassa on top of them.
> OpenSSL is already a Cygwin package and allows dynamical linking
> so I'd think that you shouldn't link that statically.
> Berkely DB, LibWWW, SSMTP *would be nice* as single packages.
> I'm looking forward to MySQL and especially Qmail!  *shining eyes*
> Corinna
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> Red Hat, Inc.

Stephan Erickson
Mufassa Corporation -
Effortless E-Commerce Solutions for Small Business.

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