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Re: feedback

Robert Collins wrote:
> ===
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Stephan Erickson" <>
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have a new package to propose and would like to get some feedback on
> > it. Please let me know if this is of interest. It is pretty much
> > finished barring some directory reorganization. The installation uses
> > its own name space and does not overwrite any preinstalled software
> > Apache, etc...
> 1) Does this use cygwin?

 It compiles and runs on Cygwin indeed. I'm still working on Qmail which
is only needed for incoming emails.

> 2) I think it would be best to have a set of packages that provide db,
> apcahe, qmail etc (which you could provide) and a final package
> 'mufassa' that requires all the others, and provides the specific code
> needed.

In theory yes. There are a few practical issues with this particular

- the mufassa module as of now is compiled with the Apache-SSL source
code. Not all platforms support DSO Apache modules well, and I'm not
sure about Cygwin. 

- the module is linked in with Berkely DB, LibWWW, and SSMTP libraries.
All of these libraries are linked to produce the httpsd executable. I
suppose shared object libraries might be a solution.

This means (assuming static linking) that I still need one single
Apache+Mufassa+LibWWW+BDB+SSMTP+SSL package, one MySQL package, one
Qmail package,
and one Webalizer package. Probably better this way.

> That provides several benefits.
> a) Less disk space overhead (don't need two copies of db for instance).
> b) Lower download overhead when one component needs to be updated.
> c) Muuch easier source package management (IMO).
> Other than that, this looks like a neat capability to have as an
> all-in-one.
> Rob


Stephan Erickson
Mufassa Corporation -
Effortless E-Commerce Solutions for Small Business.

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