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[ANN] apache_1.3.22-2

Hi list,

first of all thanks a lot for the discussions on the Apache package to

Here are the changes for 1.3.22-2:

  * changed $sysconfdir from /etc/httpd/conf to /etc/httpd,
    as proposed by Geritt.
  * changed $libexecdir from /usr/libexec to /usr/lib/apache,
    as proposed by Chuck, Ernie and Corinna.
  * changed the dependant lib linking flag from -lgdbm to -lgdbm.dll
to use
    the shared import library for mod_rewrite.
  * changed SHLIB_PREFIX_NAME=cyg to enable the build and linking of 
    cyghttpd.dll instead of libhttpd.dll,
    patch contributed by Gerrit and revised.
  * postinstall script cares to move /usr/lib/apache/cyghttpd.dll to

I will forward the SHLIB_PREFIX_NAME issue as patch to the official
devel mailing list of Apache, so it gets hopefully included in the
next release.

I am just uploading the new package to:

Wapme Systems AG

Münsterstr. 248
40470 Düsseldorf

Tel: +49-211-74845-0
Fax: +49-211-74845-299

------------------------------------------------------------------- - wherever you are

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