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Re: [ANN] apache_1.3.22 package available for setup inclusion

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Earnie Boyd wrote:
> > Yet, if the dll is dependent on cygwin1.dll it must be prefixed with
> > `cyg'.  There is not a point of argument, it is an agreed upon
> > standard.  Not all packages that existed before the standard was stated
> > have been upgraded to the standard.  However, new packages being added
> > must meet that standard, regardless of other points of view.
> >
> > My guess is that you're using a cross build platform that hasn't
> > incorporated the necessary changes to binutils to accomplish this
> > naturally.  If this is true then you need to upgrade your binutils cross
> > to the most current versions of cygwin released binutils source.
> I'm confused.  What's all this talk about needing "new" binutils?  

Yep, I'd say.  My guess is that Stipe is using a cross buiold platform
that doesn't include your change.  Therefore he has to hard code the
prefix in filename translations in the or what ever the
configuration files are named.

> The
> only feature related to 'cyg' prefixes on dlls is the one I added:
> --dll-search-prefix.  Quoting from the info:
> `--dll-search-prefix STRING'
>    When linking dynamically to a dll without an import library, search
> for `<string><basename>.dll' in preference to `lib<basename>.dll'.  This
> behavior allows easy distinction between DLLs built for the various
> "subplatforms": native, cygwin, uwin, pw, etc.  For instance, cygwin
> DLLs typically use `--dll-search-prefix=cyg'
> This has to do ONLY with the following scenario:
>   1) I want to build a client program 'bar'
>   2) it needs to link to the foo DLL
>   3) I don't have an import lib for foo DLL
>   4) foo DLL is named according to the subplatform specific scheme: in
> the case of cygwin, cygfoo.dll
>   5) I link thus:  "gcc Wl,--dll-search-prefix=cyg -L/usr/bin -lfoo -o
> bar bar.o" (actually, you don't typically need to specify the -Wl,* as I
> have done -- cygwin's gcc spec file's LINK section will do that for you)
> --dll-search-prefix affects ONLY the search order for linking TO a DLL.
>   It has no effect on the process of creating or naming a DLL that you
> try to create.
> If a given package creates DLLs with the name "libfoo.dll" and you want
> it to be named "cygfoo.dll", you have to muck with the Makefiles.
> Period.  (Note that import libs should be named libfoo.dll.a, not
> cygfoo.dll.a or libfoo.a)
> Or are you talking about some other "feature" of recent binutils of
> which I am not aware?

No, this is the one I'm talking of.


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