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Re: [ANN] apache_1.3.22 package available for setup inclusion


2002-01-09 21:12:10, du schriebst:

> My guess is that you're using a cross build platform that hasn't
> incorporated the necessary changes to binutils to accomplish this
> naturally.  If this is true then you need to upgrade your binutils cross
> to the most current versions of cygwin released binutils source.

Nope, like with Perl or Python too, Apache is using its own 'wrappers'
to build its libs and modules.  That has nothing to do with the binutils

Look here in Apache configuration is defined:


And it is this way also in all the other templates like the
Makefile.tmpl files.

I patched it today to use a macro instead of the hardcoded prefix and
this patch is about 15k big!

Anyway, I'm in favour to include it and to submit the patch to the
Apache developers because I think it is really stupid to hardcode
something like this.

I'll look this week to get a similar change into the perl sources so the
next perl release will contain a cygperl-5.8.dll;)

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