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Re: [ANN] apache_1.3.22 package available for setup inclusion


2002-01-09 12:17:13, du schriebst:


> The setup.hint:

> sdesc: "The Apache HTTP (Web) Server"
> ldesc: "The Apache Project is a collaborative software development 
> effort aimed at creating a robust, commercial-grade, featureful, 
> and freely-available source code implementation of an HTTP (Web) 
> server. The project is jointly managed by a group of volunteers 
> located around the world, using the Internet and the Web to 
> communicate, plan, and develop the server and its related 
> documentation. These volunteers are known as the Apache Group. 
> In addition, hundreds of users have contributed ideas, code, and 
> documentation to the project. This file is intended to briefly 
> describe the history of the Apache Group and recognize the many 
> contributors."
> category: Net Web
> requires: cygwin
> curr: 1.3.22

> The modules are pre-compiled as shared DLLs and the build process has
> been documented in /usr/doc/Cygwin/apache_1.3.22-1.README.

> Users may have to include /usr/libexec to their PATH, due to the fact
> that libhttpd.dll resides there. Should we move at least that core
> library to /usr/bin to have it in PATH like the other cygfoo.dlls?

I vote pro including this package to the net release (mainly because
there is another proxyserver which works better for me like squid;)

The binary version seems to work ok, as usual (proxy not tested yet).

Some minor issues:

I think libhttpd.dll should be in /usr/bin like all the shared libs.
To load the shared plugins it isn't needed to include /usr/libexec in
the PATH?

#   Cygwin 1.3.x layout
<Layout Cygwin>
    prefix:        /usr
    exec_prefix:   $prefix
    bindir:        $prefix/bin
    sbindir:       $prefix/sbin
    libexecdir:    $prefix/libexec
    mandir:        $prefix/man
    sysconfdir:    /etc/httpd/conf

I request to change the path to the conf files to /etc/apache or
/etc/httpd, why another subdirectory?

    datadir:       /var/www
    iconsdir:      $datadir/icons
    htdocsdir:     $datadir/htdocs
    manualdir:     $htdocsdir/manual
    cgidir:        $datadir/cgi-bin
    includedir:    $prefix/include/apache
    localstatedir: /var
    runtimedir:    $localstatedir/run
    logfiledir:    $localstatedir/log/httpd
    proxycachedir: $localstatedir/cache/httpd

A typo in the README:
tar xjvf apache_1.3.22-1-src.tar.bz2
cd apache_1.3.22
configure --with-layour=Cygwin \
  --with-port=80 \
  --enable-module=most \

The Cygwin README with build instructions should also
be included in the source package (IMO).

Fix 1., 2., 3. and i'll start a build now to see if the
patched source builds `user-friendly' without tweaking:-)


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