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[SETUP.exe] Couple observations on v2.171/ possible bugs

Just updated my CVS and rebuilt Setup and my version now shows 2.171 and I 
tried a test one and noticed two things - One I believe is a definite bug and 
the other I would say is up for interpretation - to me it is a bug.  If it 
makes a difference - I am running Win2000 and also just updated all my 

1) I noticed that while running the new Windowed version (nice job Gary) that 
if I clicked to any other window or several other windows that I had open I 
could click back to setup (and it would come to the top) with no problem until 
I got to the Chooser window.  Once chooser is open, if I clicked on other 
windows I could not click on setup and get it back to the top.  I had to 
minimize any window on top of it until it was the top window and then I could 
continue with setup.

2) I always do a download from internet and then do an install from local 
directory.  While doing my download I was given the option to update my tiff 
from version 3.5.5-3 to 3.5.6beta-2 and I selected keep the current version 
(3.5.5-3) and so setup did not download the 3.5.6beta-2 as would be expected.  
I checked and yes there is no 3.5.6beta-2 as there should not be.  However when 
I then said Install from local directory I was still presented with the option 
to install the 3.5.6beta-2 version, even though it does not exist on my disk 
and it was not downloaded.  It would seem to me that if I am doing an install 
from local directory the only package versions that I should be shown are those 
for which there is actually a file on disk.  If the package is installed I 
should see it (for the purpose of uninstall or skip) but any other options like 
sources or a version install should be based on if the actual file exists.

These are just a couple of my observations.


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