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Re: Contribution Package Proposal: JASSPA's MicroEmacs

David A. Cobb wrote:

> Gee, Chuck, will that also apply to your Cygwin Utilities page?

Yep -- except that there's really no need.  That page, for all intents 
and purposes, is dead.  Okay, it's not entirely dead yet -- merely 
moribund.  For a number of reasons:

1) Most everything that USED to be there is now in the official dist 
anyway (*** double standard alert...see below ***)

2) Of the remaining stuff, only cygipc, "cygutils(the package)" and the 
auto*wrapper packages are "current" -- I'm pretty sure most of the other 
stuff has suffered a lot of bitrot.

(*** double standard alert ***) why push "my" packages into the dist, 
and not JASSP Emacs?  (a) most of "my" packages are fairly core -- 
libraries and such.  Do you really want to go to an external site for 
ncurses?  zlib?  readline?  cvs?  (b) "my" packages are all open 
source/gnu with no commercial restrictions -- JASSP Emacs is not. 
(Actually, JASSP Emac's status may be changing; this is perhaps an 
outdated objection) But I'm not really arguing AGAINST including JASSP 
Emacs -- I'm just pointing out what will soon be possible, for JASSP 
Emacs AND CygUtils AND Bob's Big Package of FunNGames and whatnot.


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