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Re: Gary's Setup.exe v2.162

----- Original Message -----
From: "David A. Cobb" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2002 5:01 AM
Subject: Gary's Setup.exe v2.162

> Downloaded 01/04/02,
> Some uglinesses:
> View:Category
> Click category=Base ('cause it's numerous), observe painting of text
> quits after about 8 lines.  White space is painted sufficient to fit
> "missing" text.  Further digging reveals that painting text of the
> package names quits at y=~2/3 height, by the time I tried expanding
> Graphics it only painted 1 package.
> Click category=Doc, observe program "wants" to Uninstall libxml2 &
> libxslt.  After a few more games, selected "Experimental".  Now Doc
> category "wants" to keep xml2 & xslt but *uninstall* man & newlib-man.
> Select "Prev", observe the program now wants to uninstall anything for
> which it doesn't find a "prev".  IMHO "prev" should *skip* any package
> where it's not possible to back up.

Thank you thank you thank you. This is the new prev/curr/exp behaviour I
asked for feedback on back in early december. Woohoo!

My concept is that upset gets told to fill in the gaps - so that
packages without a prev on disk, or in setup.ini get given the same
version twice in setup.ini - once as prev and once as curr.
Similar logic applies to test, except that a package with test, but no
curr or prev is only listed in test.

> View:Full or Partial
> Same ugliness as above, painting of package names quits at y=2/3.
> Play with the vertical scroll.  Doing it slowly left me with *nothing*
> the display area - once I scrolled the fractured text up off the
> it doesn't come back.
> Play QUICKLY with the vertical scroll.  Fragments of text show up,
> unintelligable, at divers points in the list of packages.

Very strange. I don't see the graphical issues. These may have been
fixed in CVS - can you try building locally. If you cannot try that than
I can put a new snapshot up.

I fixed a few fenceposts errors yesterday..


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