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Gary's Setup.exe v2.162

Downloaded 01/04/02,
Some uglinesses:

	Click category=Base ('cause it's numerous), observe painting of text 
quits after about 8 lines.  White space is painted sufficient to fit the 
"missing" text.  Further digging reveals that painting text of the 
package names quits at y=~2/3 height, by the time I tried expanding 
Graphics it only painted 1 package.
	Click category=Doc, observe program "wants" to Uninstall libxml2 & 
libxslt.  After a few more games, selected "Experimental".  Now Doc 
category "wants" to keep xml2 & xslt but *uninstall* man & newlib-man.
	Select "Prev", observe the program now wants to uninstall anything for 
which it doesn't find a "prev".  IMHO "prev" should *skip* any package 
where it's not possible to back up.

View:Full or Partial
	Same ugliness as above, painting of package names quits at y=2/3.
	Play with the vertical scroll.  Doing it slowly left me with *nothing* in 
the display area - once I scrolled the fractured text up off the display 
it doesn't come back.
	Play QUICKLY with the vertical scroll.  Fragments of text show up, 
unintelligable, at divers points in the list of packages.
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