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Re: announcements trapped by anti-viral filter

What is this discussion doing here?

I'm getting REALLY sick of having to continually police this mailing list.

I don't know why people can't keep the really simple rule straight.

Does this have something to do with applications that are distributed
with cygwin?  No?  Then keep it in

It's particularly puzzling why you would redirect this here when there is
no guarantee that the original poster is even subscribed to cygwin-apps.


On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 08:24:30PM -0800, Joshua Franklin wrote:
>You might also try getting a free-mail account from
>one of the ones that allow POPing--say, Yahoo! ;)
>Subscribe that to cygwin-apps and add
> to your email-fetching client. 
>(You have to set a preference in Yahoo! Mail's options
>to allow pop access, FWIW.)
>> I thoroughly agree with you about filter quality.
>> However, this is at
>> Corporate firewall level, and admin will NOT be
>> changing it, (so said the
>> helpdesk). I would dearly love to be able to control
>> my own inbound
>> filtering, since I practice "safe hex", but that's
>> not likely to be allowed
>> soon. Sigh.
>> Thanks for your to-the-point suggestions, but I
>> can't use them right now. 
>> Isaac Stoddard
>> Boeing Space & Communications, ISS GN&C Integration,
>> Mail Code HM5-20, Tower II cube 5255
>> voice: (281) 244-4246   fax: (281)244-

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