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Re: Restructuring gettext

Charles Wilson wrote:

> Since "g"ettext comes before "l"ibintl0, the uninstall/reinstall occured 
> in the proper order, and I still had a working system. Unlike ncurses, 
> alphabetization works for us here -- it would be bad if libintl0 was 
> installed (replacing cygintl.dll with the "new" version), and THEN 
> gettext was uninstalled (removing cygintl.dll) followed by installing 
> the new gettext (which contains no cygintl.dll).
> I don't know how to deal with the problem above -- which occurs if the 
> package being split (ncurses, readline, gettext) follows rather than 
> precedes 'l'ibXXXX in the alphabet...but we can deal with that when/as 
> it occurs.  (Perhaps upgrades of currently installed packages should 
> ALWAYS precede installation of new packages?)

I've had cases like this in another context and found the most 
straightforward solution is for (setup.exe) to do any uninstalls first, 
then any reinstalls, then everything else.  This would also have saved a 
few shot toes when libncurses#n came out (I thin`).
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