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RE: New setup build for people's perusal

> Cool. A couple observations:
> HTTP/Proxy support - if you select HTTP/Proxy (as opposed to "direct" or
> "use IE5 settings"), but forget to enter a proxy server, I get a crash
> (Dr. Watson) under NT4. Don't know if this is a new problem, but it's
> the first time I noticed it.

Ouch, yeah, I don't either.  I'll look into that to make sure it wasn't
something I did, or fix it if it was.  No NT4 here though; I hope it doesn't end
up being a "works on my machine", I hate those almost as much as the
CRLF/LF/CR/LFCR fiasco.  Glad to hear that everything else seems to be working
OK on NT4 though - this wizard stuff has a lot of "Only supported on Windows XXX
or higher, or if you have IE XX installed" dependency pitfalls to it.

> The "Installation Successful" screen at the end - have you considered
> making that dialog box look the same as the rest of the wizard? Now that
> all other windows look similar, this one seems a tad bit out of place...

Yep, that's the remaining 0.56% ;-).

> For User download site URLs, will they be listed separately (or
> distinctly in any way) from the "standard" URLs?

Not separately probably ever, and not distinctly at least until well after this
next release unless somebody else does it.

> It would be nice to
> have an obvious way to see which URLs in the list are because I entered
> them, and which are the cygwin standard sites (subject to change without
> notice, blah blah). I'd imagine either two separate "sections" within
> the one long list, or perhaps two separate listboxes, both of which can
> have multiple selections.

I'm thinking maybe listing them in two separate colors or bold or italic or
something, assuming a regular listbox supports it.  But again, that one's for
another day regardless.

>  Also, once the User URLs persist, will there
> be any way to store a Comment with each one? Depending on how obvious
> the URL is, it may be hard to remember which URL maps to which custom
> packages I use...

Most probably not in the near future.  That's not a bad idea, but would be a
fairly major addition, and at this point I think we just want to get a new and
improved setup out as long as it has some sort of "Full" option and can thereby
turn the main Cygwin mailing list into a ghost town ;-).  But "Full" is Rob's
department, so in the meantime I'm working on a lot of this other stuff.

I had these exact same concerns, but Rob explained in some detail over
in -patches what his long-term plans for the mirror site functionality are and
the short answer is that I don't think in the long term separating the two will
be much of an issue.  In fact you might eventually not even see the official
sites, only your own added ones.

> Thanks for the peek at the future (look good so far!), and thanks for
> all your hard work,
> --Kevin

Thank you for taking the time to look at it.  The more that people do this and
find problems (or find no problems and report it for that matter), the faster
we'll get this mother out, and in a better state than it would be otherwise.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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