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Re: those nonintuitive cygdrives... (Was: Making RXVT The Standard Terminal)

> Since we still seem to be in "you should all do this because I know what
> I'm talking about" mode, it appears that Dan Kaminsky is not reading
> this mailing list.

*dan hangs his head in abject shame...he doesn't even know what a mess he's

Sorry all :-)

> Btw, Dan, I think you may have been missing the point that Egor was
> responding tongue-in-cheek.  Or, maybe I was.

> The term "undocumented" has a very precise meaning.  It doesn't mean
> "I looked at my screen and couldn't figure out what to do".

If I say, "show me all commands", and some don't show up, I say those that
don't show up are hidden.  In security parlance, that which is hidden from
the trusted administrator is at best undocumented and at worst a security

I'll back off from saying /cygdrive is undocumented and simply say it's too
non-obvious for the average non-cygwin expert to notice.

> If you want to make a point that it is not immediately obvious, I won't
> argue.  However, much of cygwin's operation is not obvious from the
> start.

Actually, Cygwin w/ RXVT is extraordinarily obvious.  Click da button, get
da shell, use da Unix skills.  That's exactly as it should be.

> What is a mount table anyway?  Why can't I use backslashes in bash?  My
> has CRLF line endings.  Why?

Cygwin has *much* more significance to Unix -> Windows folks than it does to
core Windows people.  It is not Cygwin's task to make Unix is
however its task to make it easy to integrate one's Unix skills with a Win32
(hostile?) operating environment.

> FWIW, I'd be happy to make the cygdrive directory show up when you do a
> 'ls /'.  Someday.  Cygwin is a work in progress and this is very low on my
> personal list of things to do.

I don't think it should show up directly.  Y'all changed my mind on that

> I'll be interested to see your changes to setup.exe.  Please send a patch
> a ChangeLog entry here.  Check out the "Contributing" link at the Cygwin
> site for details.



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