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Re: those nonintuitive cygdrives... (Was: Making RXVT The Standard Terminal)

> this need can be easily satisfied with this simple .bat file.

#DEFINE FUGLY_HACK create_cygdrives.bat


Ye *gads*, I'm practically the openssh dev list preacher for the wonders of
userspace, but even *I* have to say this is the *wrong* way to do it.  This
is kind of the moral equivalent of brute forcing all text combinations from
a to zzzzzzzz to find out which commands on a device will actually function.
Heh, it's the literal equivalent of mounting all partitions from /dev/hdc1
to /dev/hdd9 just to see if any of 'em have content.

This is really something that belongs in the setup.exe.  Initial setup is
where you traditionally define your partition schemes, which is really what
we're arguing about.  The hidden /cygdrive directory is effectively
equivalent to /cygdrive/hdc1 -- you don't know which partitions are valid,
but it'll work if you guess right.  I'd like to see the guesswork removed,
but I do want to keep directory trees and drives out of the cygwin
psuedosandbox unless explicitly added(so, for example, rm -rf / could be

So I'd argue against my earlier desire for an always-available /c, /mnt/c,
or visibile(even invisible) /cygdrive directory and say that partition
mounting should be added to the setup.exe.

Yours Truly,

    Dan Kaminsky, CISSP

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