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Re: for interest: cygwin rpm on sourceforge

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> >This whole deal smacks of pure stubborn-ness.  "I don't like the
> >official installation method (even though it was the subject of months
> >of debate) so I'm gonna muddy the waters with an rpm distro"  "Even
> >though I'm maintaining an rpm of bind for cygwin, I will not contribute
> >a binary .tar.gz so that users of the official installation method can
> >benefit..."

This is probably an over-reaction on my part.  In some respects, RUE
Satoh's rpm stuff and the Project Heavymoon thing *predate* the cygwin
setup.exe.  However, without a fully native port of rpm you can't use
rpm stuff to "bootstrap" an install.

We wanted a windows program (non-cygwin-based) that could be used to
install cygwin onto a cygwin-less system; thus, setup.exe was born --
and rpm packaging was rejected (at least for the time being).  The
various RPM sites require you to already have a working cygwin
installation before you can add their rpm-packaged extras.

My main complaint is that these sites don't keep current with what
is/has been moved into the official distro.  For instance, when "zip"
was added to the official distro, I moved the "zip" package on the
CygUtils site to the "obsolete" page.  These rpm sites do not do that --
they continue to distribute old conflicting versions of various
packages.  Yuck.

> Is this really the reason for this site?  That's pretty stupid.  I don't
> recall ever debating this issue but maybe we should be much less forgiving
> of people asking for help when it is obvious that they are using this
> package.
> I have nothing against what is essentially a fork but forking the project
> and then expecting support to occur in the original project is not
> very considerate.

I don't believe the rpm distributors intend for to
provide support.  It's just that the rpm users believe that cygwin@ is
THE source for ALL support.  (vis. the message this morning concerning


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