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Re: for interest: cygwin rpm on sourceforge

Robert Collins wrote:
> I just noticed that they are doing 1500 downloads a week... not bad. I
> take this to mean that the cygwinuser base is growing at greater than
> ~1500/packagecount per week.

Actually, this is terrible.  
1. Folks using cygwinrpm are installing cygwin stuff *without* using the
officially approved setup.exe utility.  Yet, you can be guaranteed that
they will come to *us* asking for help when it breaks, overwrites the
"official" port of a given package, etc.

2. Many of the packages on cygwinrpm are duplicates (or OLD versions) of
packages that are now part of the official cygwin tree.  This includes:
perl, zip, unzip, cpio, readline, automake, ncftp, wget.  Q: "I have
readline installed.  It's broken" A: Is it the official readline, or did
you get it somewhere else?"  How often do we ask on the list if someone
is using the official setup.exe-installed version of a standard package
-- or do we just *assume* they're using the official version?

This whole deal smacks of pure stubborn-ness.  "I don't like the
official installation method (even though it was the subject of months
of debate) so I'm gonna muddy the waters with an rpm distro"  "Even
though I'm maintaining an rpm of bind for cygwin, I will not contribute
a binary .tar.gz so that users of the official installation method can



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