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Re: Making RXVT The Standard Terminal

> You are talking about Steve O's "native" build of rxvt from
>, right?  Not an X-based build of rxvt
> (which builds OOB and works great -- but you need an Xserver).

Of course.

> TERM=rxvt-cygwin-native provides the best match to the terminal
> capabilities.  Unfortunately, you'd have to copy the terminfo
> information to any other machines that you telnet/ssh to. Search the
> archives; this has been discussed.

The idea is to eliminate the cygwin custom terminal, and simply use one that
everything under the sun supports.

Can you even do userspace terminfo?

> I don't thing this can be done (pty/tty issue)...but I've been wrong
> before.

I'm sure it gets sticky.

> It's already in the works.  Steve O. wants to fix a few nagging problems
> first, and then has promised to contribute his port as a "standard
> component" of cygwin.  Once that happens, give it a few months -- I
> predict "someone" will change setup to create a nifty shortcut to 'rxvt
> -e bash --login' instead of the current .bat file...


> > P.S. The first thing everyone seems to do when installing cygwin is
> > drive mounts in the root directory in binary mode, i.e.
> >
> > mount -b c: /c
> > mount -b d: /d
> Not me.  I mount I: on /i and E: on /e, but not C: or D: (I also mount
> per-user E:\WINNT\Profiles\username\Desktop on /Desktop).  This is a
> user preference thing and too many people do it too many different ways.
> I don't thing setup ought to mess with this.

I think setup ought to at least *offer* the default mounts, i.e. "create
symlinks for the following drives".  The worst thing we can do is give users
this great unix migration system and, poof, they can't find their own files.

/cygdrive/c does work, but it's effectively undocumented.  We *could* add
/cygdrive as a visible link from /, though...but there needs to be


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