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Re: Making RXVT The Standard Terminal

Dan Kaminsky wrote:
> All--
>     I've downloaded the latest build of RXVT, and it just took a quantum
> leap in usability.  With the new noconsole build, I have a shortcut in my
> start bar pointing to:
> D:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -rv -sl 20000 -fn courier -e /usr/bin/bash --login -i
>     Loads *fast*--at least a few times faster than the old batfile hack.
> It's ridiculously beautiful.

You are talking about Steve O's "native" build of rxvt from, right?  Not an X-based build of rxvt
(which builds OOB and works great -- but you need an Xserver).

>     Problems:
>     1) rxvt doesn't have mouse support yet
>     2) TERM=cygwin vs. TERM=xterm-color

TERM=rxvt-cygwin-native provides the best match to the terminal
capabilities.  Unfortunately, you'd have to copy the terminfo
information to any other machines that you telnet/ssh to. Search the
archives; this has been discussed.

>     3) If you load cmd.exe through it, doskey doesn't work and *nothing*
> executes inline.  I'd like the ability to specify what should and shouldn't
> pop up a new window.

I don't thing this can be done (pty/tty issue)...but I've been wrong

>     I'd *really* like to see RXVT become part of the standard distribution
> now.  Is there anything I can do to help this happen?

It's already in the works.  Steve O. wants to fix a few nagging problems
first, and then has promised to contribute his port as a "standard
component" of cygwin.  Once that happens, give it a few months -- I
predict "someone" will change setup to create a nifty shortcut to 'rxvt
-e bash --login' instead of the current .bat file...
> P.S. The first thing everyone seems to do when installing cygwin is create
> drive mounts in the root directory in binary mode, i.e.
> mount -b c: /c
> mount -b d: /d

Not me.  I mount I: on /i and E: on /e, but not C: or D: (I also mount
per-user E:\WINNT\Profiles\username\Desktop on /Desktop).  This is a
user preference thing and too many people do it too many different ways.
I don't thing setup ought to mess with this.


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