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HTML/CGI volunteer solicited

I'd like to have some kind of web-based automated method for uploading
packages to

Basically, I want to have as many contributors as possible but I'm
getting kind of uncomfortable with the thought of giving new accounts to
people on

So, what I'd like is some kind of web form which allows you to upload
the requisite tar balls and which has a form for filling out text which
will be sent to cygwin-announce.

The form would be password controlled.  I should be able to add a new
person fairly easily and the password should be automatically, randomly

The form should also have text for filling out mail to cygwin-announce
which fills in part of a template.

The uploaded files would go to a staging area and email would be sent
to with the information entered on the web page,
it should also include a 'tar vtf' listing of the uploaded tar files.
Then a person with "administrator" access (i.e., me, Corinna, DJ, etc.)
would be able to approve or deny the submission by clicking on another
web form and specifying an administrator password.  There should also
be an opportunity at this point for editing the announce text.

The above sounds like a lot of work but I'm not really a wonderful
web guru, so I don't know.  Is anyone interested in doing something
like this?  I can probably offer a Red Hat tee-shirt for the deal.

I could possibly even offer a Cygwin tee-shirt if I still have one
of those sitting around somewhere.

Please respond to cygwin-apps if you are interested.  I think that
something like the above will greatly lower the barrier to being a
cygwin contributor.


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