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Re: pthreads support

great effort on pthreads robert. i hope to check out the features this


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From: "Robert Collins" <>
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Sent: Monday, March 26, 2001 2:47 AM
Subject: pthreads support

Firstly I hope no-one gets annoyed at the cross post - but I know that
not everyone on cygwin/xfree us on and vice versa. I believe
the same goes for cygwin-apps....

I'm very interested in fixing what I consider a problem: People
attempting to use non-cygwin threads support with cygwin1.dll linked
applications. As such I'm hereby solicting bug reports (with _small_
test cases) for the pthreads support in cygwin.

I'm making no promises about actually fixing anything or time frames -
My paid work and personal life do come before cygwin (shock  & horror).
Notwithstanding that, I have recently fixed a chunk of functionality in
cygwin for another opensource project I hack on (squid) and it's pthread
based asynchronous disk module runs quite happily.

So if you're an application porter, and pthreads doesn't work for you -
contact me on the appropriate cygwin list (cygwin-apps unless it's
xfree86 related, in which case cygwin-xfree, or cygwin-developers if you
are trying to use pthread support within cygwin1.dll and it's broken).

Chris: I hope I'm not stepping across a line here ... but no-one seems
to have current "ownership" of pthreads, and I'd like to see cygwin
actually get fixed rather than a plethora of workarounds created..


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