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Re: setup wishes -- any volunteers

Brian Keener wrote:
> Charles S. Wilson wrote:
> > That's not what setup is for, altough you're welcome to use it that
> > way.
> I disagree.

Me too!

> > The point: your use of setup is a 'neat thing' but is not the primary
> > purpose of the tool.  However, none of the changes folks have been
> > discussing will prevent your use of the tool in that way.
> I don't know why - I can't put my finger on it but that statement really
> hurts and touched a nerve - my apologies up front
> <Getting on soapbox>

Scoot over.

> Obviously, I missed the boat somewhere - I thought my use of setup was
> exactly the use of setup:
> To allow someone the ability to see what packages are available, to
> download them and/or install them right then or later and not have to be
> concerned with all the knowledge and commands required to do the ftp, the
> tars and so on that would be required without setup.  Then also to
> provide a tool for keeping these packages updated as they should be.  As
> volunteer software it does exactly what it should do and I think what it
> was designed to do.

I agree with this.

> That said do we now want to add the additional information required to
> give the inexperienced like myself the ability to know what they must
> have for the base system and then what they need if they want to use
> OpenSSH - absolutely - but you can (and I am not saying you want to)
> accomplish the same thing with an FAQ.  In many cases simply displaying
> the Categories and dependencies where people could read them and select
> their packages based on them from within Setup might be enough although
> definitely not the way you would want to do it if you are trying to write
> a 'true package management tool.'.

I disagree with this.  At the time a newbie uses setup s/he will most
likely not have read the FAQ.  The original idea was to use the
setup.hint file so that setup could determine what else should be
downloaded for a given package.  That could be accomplished either
automagically or with a hint on the setup window.  I prefer

> I was only attempting to understand how either rpm or dpkg fit into the
> install or download operations in conjunction with setup.  I was only
> attempting to understand how setup essentially communicates with dpkg or
> rpm to accomplish the given task.  From what little I remember of rpm -
> it essentially accomplishes the task of a true package management tool
> without the use off setup.

Right on.  At least a third or more of the people using Cygwin have no
idea what RPM and dpkg are.  I barely know myself and to use them would
require education that I don't have time for.  I would really hate for
the gzipped tarball to be replaced by .rpm :Q

> <Getting off soapbox>
> Thanks all for the additional information.


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