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FW: [FGFS-Devel] Getting Started


If you run into any snags or have any questions

But this should work for you out of the box !!

Enjoy :-)


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Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2001 11:44 PM
Subject: RE: [FGFS-Devel] Getting Started

Craig Fletcher writes:
>Hey all, i'm new to the flightgear development network, but
>seriously from a newbies perspective its frustrating.

Hi Craig

"I feel your pain"

>First of all, i think that several bits of info on the flightgear page
>are out of date.  I cant find the win32 libs for cygwin

Yes this is outdated info
Our webmaster isn't really into the Cygwin side of things :-)

However if you are comfortable with Cygwin, or really a command
line oriented development system, You should be able to build the
'current developers' version quite painlessly.

< realize that you will need at least a gig of hardisk space
   by the time you are done >

OK, Here is how you do it.

1) Install the latest Cygwin Toolkit
   click on insall cygwin now icon at
  < do all of the following from a bash shell >
2) Create a src directory at /usr/local/src
3) use CVS to install the files

#! /bin/sh
# run this script from your toplevel src dir

echo "hit <return> when asked for PLib password"
cvs -z3 login
cvs -z3 co plib

echo "enter 'guest <return>' when asked for SimGear password"
cvs -d login
cvs -z3 -d co SimGear

echo "enter 'guest<return>' when asked for FlightGear password"
cvs -d login
cvs -z3 -d co

4) Make the packages
cd into each of the respective directories plib simgear flightgear
in that order and run this script

automake -a
make install

Now all you need is the FlightGear base package
which you should also get from CVS

decide where you want to install FlightGear, cd there and
checkout the FlightGear base package with this script

echo "CVS passwd: cvsguest"
cvs -d login
cvs -d co fgfsbase

You are now ready to takeoff  :-)

Updating this configuration is a LOT easier then setting it up !

Hope you have a relatively fast machine
minimal system 200 mhz  64 meg  OpenGL card
reccomend 500 mhz 128 meg or more Geforce GFX

Holler again if you need more advice


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