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Re: pthread_cond*

----- Original Message -----
From: "Earnie Boyd" <>

> Robert Collins wrote:
> >
> > its /usr, and they are going into /usr/i686-pc-cygwin/include. How
> > you cygwin maintainers get the snapshots to install into
/usr/include ?
> > Or is it safest to just copy pthreads.h (the only one I've changed
> > date) to /usr/include?
> >
> Chris has a script.  I never install directly into /usr.  I ``make
> install prefix=`pwd`/nstl'' and then move the contents, and create a
> tarball to install.  Remember, you can't replace the cygwin1.dll when
> you're executing a Cygwin application.


> Earnie.
> P.S.:  This thread is on the wrong list.  You should move it to
>  The cygwin-apps list is to discuss
> changes to applications that use the Cygwin runtime.  The
> cygwin-developers is to be used for discussing the development of the
> cygwin runtime itself.

Yes, But.
A) The list is approval-only, and
B) I've finished the work (Patch send to cygwin-patches just now.)

So I'm happy to move this thread to cygwin-developers, but please don't
subscribe me - just CC me (unless I become a regular cygwin contributor,
I simply don't need any additional mail in my mailbox).

I thought this list would be a little more receptive and tolerant of
slightly off-topic posts than the main cygwin list (where this would be
100% noise).

For those who are interested the patch has this ChangeLog


Saturday Mar 17 01:19 2001 Robert Collins

    * cygwin/cygwin.din: Export the new functions
    * cygwin/ Wrapper functions that call __pthread_cond*
    * cygwin/ Implement the pthread_cond* functions
    * cygwin/thread.h: Add new class entries and prototypes for
__pthread_cond* functions
    * cygwin/include/pthread.h: user land header prototypes for
pthread_cond* functions and related defines

The attached c file is the core test rig I used. It doesn't test

Also, I'm not fluent with shared memory implications, so I'm not sure
what, if any effect the condattr pshared stuff will have. Likewise for
forking of applications - do all the threads get forked too? And their
cond variables? Is that automagically taken care of, or should I code
something in?



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