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Re: win32 compiler test V3a

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From: "Akim Demaille" <>
To: "Robert Collins" <>
Cc: <>; <>
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 1:46 AM
Subject: Re: win32 compiler test V3a

> | Hopefully this is it (barring a rename on the high level interface.
> | I missed the CPPFLAGS in the last version..
> | If you're code is portable this is effective with a simple
> | AC_API_WIN32
> You should really read the CVS Autoconf documentation.  Your quotation
> is dangerous at some points, and there are a few suggestions in there
> on how to unobfuscate M4 code.

I've been going through it as I went through this work.. thanks for the

> dnl at the end

what do you mean by this?

> | echo $ECHO_N "checking how to access the Win32 API..." >&6
> This is wrong, use the AC_FD_* if you need to, otherwise you certainly
> mean AC_MSG_*

The curse of reading other peoples code : I got this from a
/usr/share/aclocal/ routine

> | AC_TRY_COMPILE(,[#ifndef WIN32
> | #ifndef _WIN32
> | #error WIN32 or _WIN32 not defined
> | #endif
> | #endif],
> #error is suspected to cause problems, although I don't recall having
> seen it happen.  Please indent cpp directives.

I'm not quite sure whether you meant indent all of them a certain
amount, or use heirarchical indenting on them..

> Huh?  Don't, AC_DEFUN did for you.

Oops. misread a comment in the autoconf manual, Thanks.

> Same comments.
> | dnl high level interface for finding out compiler support for win32.
> |
> |              [C++], AC_PROG_CXX_WIN32 [CXXFLAGS="$WIN32FLAGS
> |              [echo "No macro support for WIN32 with $_AC_LANG"
> |                 exit 1])
> | ])
> Use AC_FATAL.  Quote the exec parts.  And in fact, just factor
> AC_PROG_CXX_WIN32 as an AC_REQUIRE of this macros.
I had a problem with _AC_LANG not being found by autoconf with your
suggested code. In fact I'm not sure that $_AC_LANG will be found



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