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Re: updated win32 macro

| > My opinion is that AC_PROG_CC_WIN32 should contain an AC_REQUIRE of
| > AC_CANONICAL_HOST, and should ensure the case $host itself.
| Why? 

To make it easier to read and write where it is used.

| There is no side effect if it is tested for on platforms other than
| cygwin. 

Nor in my proposal.  I'm just saying the AC_CANONICAL_HOST and case
should get into it, nothing more.

| And by being a little bit more generic less changes will be
| needed to work with (say) WINE. Or on a cross-compile chain.

We are probably misunderstanding each other.  I don't understand what
you mean here.

| And the developer writing the configure test will still need to decide
| what to do if it fails && they are compiling on cygwin, so they still
| need a case statement.

It was not clear to me that ac_cc_win32 was the main point, I
understood that setting CC was the main point.

So if that's the case, then I have further comments to make.  Don't
use the ac_cc name space at all when interacting with the user.  Use
some upper case thing such as CC_MWIN32.  I have no idea about it, but
I guess the C++ compiler will also want something similar?

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