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Re: thread test

Robert Collins wrote:
> I got two willing volunteers, who have tested win98 and NT. I'm
> still hoping to test the thread code on win95 before I go ahead and
> write the full blown code...
> Anyone have 5 minutes to run the testsuite on windows 95?
I have win95 on a laptop, Cygwin is installed, autoconf is installed, 
automake is downloaded but not installed since it is a test version ( I 
seem to have enough problems ;-) ).  My autoconf is installed straight 
from the package and if there is any special configuration to do for 
Win95 and Cygwin I haven't done it - which is another reason I haven't 
installed Automake (wasn't sure if a lot of stuff I didn't know about was 

I can compile changes for setup and run them but I do seem to have a 
whole lot of problems whenever I do a cvs update (I end up reconfiguring 
and remaking my winsup tree).

All of that said if you're willing to chance it and if anything special 
is required you can help me and you can tell me what results you are 
looking for - I'll give it a try.


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