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automake/libtool for cygwin.

alright folks,

here is what looks like a *clean* working version of automake and libtool to
build dll's on cygwin. unified diffs against cvs, as usual.

note: do *not* depend on the automatic generation of def files. that works
for only the simplest libraries, and even then it might miss something.
always generate one yourself.

so far, i've tested it against several projects i'm working on; libiconv,
fribidi and glib (cvs) works fine *almost* out of the box. the only
modifications are to the makefiles to utilize def files explicitly.

for those of you who have a copy of my previous patches, here is what's new:
fix for relocation of dll when compiling *against* the dll in another

there are some changes which are intended to be temporary, until other
projects such as autoconf, etc. are updated. please don't submit these to
any of those projects! there is a *decent* chance that some of the changes i
made *break* non-cygwin systems. be advised.

remember: these patches are meant to be used together. do *not* apply one
without the other. i also suggest compiling and installing into a
non-standard path. i use /usr/beta.

simple directions:
    1) cvs the latest automake and libtool (and autoconf, just to be
    2) apply patches
    3) configure/install into someplace non-standard.



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