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    I'm working on a win32 threaded module for squid - and I want to
confirm that the code I'm putting together will run under win
95/98/ME/NT4 (I've already tested 2000).

If anyone here has the time I'd really appreciate it if you could run a
small test suite I've put together. It simply tests the core thread code
I'm using on your machine by creating a thread or two, writing a file in
the working directory, and then exiting.

It's a 49kb source tarball and I'm happy to mail it to anyone whos
willing to run it and report for me...

The relevance to cygwin-apps & the reason I'm not using pthreads is
* I'm maintaining squid under cygwin today.
* The current fs module is synchronous, not asynchrounous.
* The pthreads support in cygwin, while good, isn't quite enough :[
* I haven't programmed threaded code before, and I figure I should have
a practical (vs theory :]) understanding of how to use threads before I
tackle writing a thread engine!

I don't have a homepage just now which is why I'll mail out the tarball
rather than giving you a url.
So if you have a install of cygwin (with autoconf & automake) on windows
95/98/ME or NT 4 please let me know.


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