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Re: ok, new libtool for cygwin updates

"edward" <> writes:

> cond3.test fails for three reasons.

Thanks, the fix has been applied.

>     3) cond3.test has an incorrect comparison test function (the sed script
> skips a line!) sorry, i'm not a big fan of sed. oh well.

I had reworked the snippet in the meanwhile.  It should be ok now.

> > FAIL: pr19.test
> pr19.test fails for two reasons.
>     1) foo.exe isn't cleaned properly ( patch enclosed as
> automake-cygwin-exeext.patch)
> --- Sat Mar 10 07:14:42 2001
> +++ Sat Mar 10 07:15:21 2001
> @@ -1048,7 +1048,7 @@
>      # If OBJEXT/EXEEXT were not set in, do it, it
>      # simplifies our task, and anyway starting with Autoconf 2.50, it
>      # will always be defined, and this code will be dead.
> -    $output_vars .= "EXEEXT =\n"
> +    $output_vars .= "EXEEXT = \@EXEEXT\@\n"

No, we cannot do that.  We precisely issue this line when we have not
seen that AC_EXEEXT was used, so we cannot depend EXEEXT.  We need to
understand why it failed in pr19.  I suppose you are not running Unix

What you observe is that the test itself is not ready to be run under
Cygwin, i.e., I guess its doesn't include AC_EXEEXT.
That's the problem to fix.

>     2) lines 4946-4947 of version 1.977
>     # FIXME: nodist.
>     &push_dist_common ($pfx . $base . '.' . $ext);
>     commenting out the last line removes foo.c (which is a temporary file)
> from the make distdir target, which fails because according to automake,
> foo.c is supposed to be redistributed. however, (gnu) make removes temporary
> files like foo.c (generated from foo.l). in my opinion, this is correct and
> should not be redistributed. the writer can always explicitly
> include foo.c if they really want to. from the comment in the
> file, it seems the automake peeps are aware of this. there are similar
> comments in with other generated files as well.

I leave this to Tom.

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