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Re: Texinfo-4.0

> I'm looking for some guidance on how texinfo-4.0 (suitably patched)
> could be included in cygwin releases to replace texinfo-3.12.  Is there
> someone who normally handles packages like texinfo?  Are there formal
> procedures I should follow?  (I'm new to this list.)

  A. source tarballs are "shipped" already patched to build cleanly on
  B. source tarballs contain a "CYGWIN-PATCHES" directory that contains
      (a) cygwin-specific README
      (b) cygwin-specific patches (ALREADY applied to the source
      (c) other cygiwn-specific stuff
  C. binary packages should install into /usr/*, not /usr/local/*

Step 1.  download tex-3.12-X-src.tar.gz from the cygwin servers.  Look
inside for any indication of who maintains it.  If someone is listed --
contact them.  Otherwise, continue below.

Step 2.  Unpack source:
   download the clean tex-4.0.tar.gz source code and unpack
   rename the source directory "mv tex-4.0/ tex-4.0-orig/"
   unpack the code again.  Now you have "tex-4.0" (<tex-src>)
   and "tex-4.0-orig"

Step 3.  apply your patches
Step 4.  cd <tex-src>
Step 5.  create a CYGWIN-PATCHES directore
Step 6.  create a CYGWIN-PATCHES/tex-4.0.README file which describes the
package, gives any necessary notes for how it should be built and how it
is to be used.

Step 7.  modify the top level makefile to install
CYGWIN-PATCHES/tex-4.0.README into /usr/doc/Cygwin/

Step 8.  <optional> modify the top level makefile to install any other
documentation into /usr/doc/tex-4.0/*   (FAQs, README's, etc.  --not--
manpages or info files; those are usually installed into the right
directories by default.

Step 9.  clean up any stray editor or backup files (foo.c~ for

Step 10. Create a patch file:
   cd <tex-src>/..
   diff -urN tex-4.0-orig/ tex-4.0/ > tex-4.0-1.patch
   mv tex-4.0-1.patch <tex-src>/CYGWIN-PATCHES/

Step 11. Create the src tarball for cygwin:
   cd <tex-src>/..
   tar cvzf tex-4.0-1-src.tar.gz tex-4.0

Step 12. Build
   A. ./configure --prefix=/usr  (+ whatever flags are necessary)
   B. make
   C. make install prefix=/tmp/usr
   D. make test, make check, whatever..
This will build the package so that it installs in /usr and expects to
'live' in /usr, but will actually install it into /tmp/usr so we can do
step 13.

Step 13. Create binary tarball for cygwin
   A. cd /tmp
   B. tar cvzf tex-4.0-1.tar.gz usr

Now, you've got 
    the pre-patched, cygwin-specific source 
    code for the package
    the compiled binary.  Should also include 
    the stuff in usr/doc/Cygwin/ and usr/doc/tex-4.0

Once you get that far, then we'll talk again.


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