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cygwin 3.1.4-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygwin-3.1.4-1
* cygwin-devel-3.1.4-1
* cygwin-doc-3.1.4-1

We skipped the 3.1.3 release due to technical reasons, nothing to
worry about.

This is a bugfix release, including a couple of nice to have changes
on top.

What changed:

- Allow symlinks to be opened with O_PATH | O_NOFOLLOW.

- Allow the pathname argument to readlinkat(2) to be an empty string,
  provided the dirfd argument refers to a symlink opened with
  O_PATH | O_NOFOLLOW.  The readlinkat call then operates on that

- Support the Linux-specific AT_EMPTY_PATH flag for fchownat(2) and

- Allow AF_LOCAL sockets to be opened with O_PATH.

- <signal.h>: New macro _NSIG replacing NSIG.  NSIG is now only
  visible to MISC builds, as on Linux.

- The new locale modifier @cjksingle allows enforcing of single-width
  character property for usually double-widthed characters.  This will
  be supported by upcoming mintty releases.  For the reasoning, see

Bug Fixes:

- Define CPU_SETSIZE, as on Linux.

- Fix a regression that prevented the root of a drive from being the
  Cygwin installation root.

- Many fixes in new pseudo console support.
  Addresses (among others):

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