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Updated: octave forge packages

New version of

octave-bim                   1.1.5-2
octave-bsltl                 1.1.1-1
octave-cgi                   0.1.2-2
octave-control               3.0.0-2
octave-data-smoothing        1.3.0-3
octave-database              2.4.1-2
octave-dataframe             1.1.0r244-2
octave-devel                 4.2.0-1
octave-divand                1.1.2-3
octave-doc                   4.2.0-1
octave-doctest               0.5.0-1
octave-econometrics          1.1.1-3
octave-financial             0.5.0-2
octave-fits                  1.0.7-2
octave-fl-core               1.0.0r7-3
octave-fpl                   1.3.5-2
octave-fuzzy-logic-toolkit   0.4.5-3
octave-ga                    0.10.0r147-3
octave-general               2.0.0-2
octave-generate_html         0.1.13-1
octave-geometry              2.1.1-2
octave-gsl                   2.0.0-1 (new package)
octave-image                 2.6.1-1
octave-instrument-control    0.2.3-1
octave-integration           1.0.7r28-3
octave-interval              2.1.0-1
octave-io                    2.4.5-1
octave-level-set             0.3.0r20151217-2
octave-linear-algebra        2.2.2-2
octave-lssa                  0.1.2rh56-1
octave-ltfat                 2.2.0-1
octave-mapping               1.2.1-2
octave-mechanics             1.3.1r89-3
octave-miscellaneous         1.2.1-3
octave-mpi                   1.2.0r43-3
octave-msh                   1.0.10-3
octave-mvn                   1.1.0-3
octave-nan                   3.1.2-1
octave-ncarray               1.0.4-1
octave-netcdf                1.0.11-2
octave-nurbs                 1.3.10-2
octave-ocs                   0.1.5-2
octave-octclip               1.0.8-2
octave-octproj               1.1.5-3
octave-odepkg                0.9.1-0.1
octave-optics                0.1.3-2
octave-optim                 1.5.2-2
octave-parallel              3.1.1-2
octave-quaternion            2.4.0-2
octave-queueing              1.2.5-1
octave-secs1d                0.1.0r12690-2
octave-secs2d                0.0.9r12205a-2
octave-secs3d                0.0.1r11495-3
octave-signal                1.3.2-2
octave-sockets               1.2.0-2
octave-sparsersb             1.0.2-2
octave-specfun               1.1.0r153-1
octave-splines               1.3.2-1
octave-statistics            1.3.0-1
octave-stk                   2.3.4-2
octave-strings               1.2.0-2
octave-struct                1.0.14-2
octave-tisean                0.2.3-2
octave-vrml                  1.0.13r146-3

are available in the Cygwin distribution:

The following package were not yet updated for build issues

To load any package before usage run
 "pkg load <package_name>"

see "help pkg" for details.

Latest upstream packages rebuilt for octave 4.2.x

The octave-forge project contains contributed functions
for GNU Octave which are not in the main distribution.


Full documentation and FAQ are available at:

Marco Atzeri

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the
cygwin mailing list at: cygwin (at) cygwin (dot) com .

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