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cygport 0.23.0-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygport-0.23.0-1

cygport is the standard method for building and maintaining packages for 
the Cygwin distribution.

Changes in this release:

Jon Turney (1):
      Write and upload pvr.hint rather than setup.hint

Ken Brown (1):
      texlive: support generation of language files

Yaakov Selkowitz (20):
      texlive: make collection packages noarch
      Add update_etc_shells for /etc/shells management
      Handle Octave .mex extensions as DLLs
      py*-distutils: update PyPI redirector URLs
      prep_xsessions: add Icon where specified
      postinst: remove all .la files by default on all arches
      Remove obsolete KEEP_LA_FILES overrides
      Remove GCJ support
      autotools: handle gettext nano version releases
      dodoc: skip 0-byte doc files
      pkg_dist: accept NAME_debuginfo_OBSOLETES distinguish between KF5 frameworks and applications libraries
      kde4: define cmake QT_MKSPECS_DIR
      postinst: add latest Qt license filenames to prepdoc
      make_desktop_entry: remove deprecated Encoding field fix KF5 application library location set SRC_URI for Plasma 5
      kde4: specify QT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE for cross-compiling
      gitignore .patch
      Bump version to 0.23.0


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