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Cygwin 2.5.0-1

Hi Cygwin friends and users,

I just released a new Cygwin version 2.5.0-1.

User-visible changes compared to 2.4.1:

What's new:

- Full set of POSIX.1e ACL API functions now implemented.
 New APIs: acl_add_perm, acl_calc_mask, acl_clear_perms, acl_copy_entry,
 acl_copy_ext, acl_copy_int, acl_create_entry, acl_delete_def_file,
 acl_delete_entry, acl_delete_perm, acl_dup, acl_free, acl_from_text,
 acl_get_entry, acl_get_fd, acl_get_file, acl_get_permset, acl_get_qualifier,
 acl_get_tag_type, acl_init, acl_set_fd, acl_set_file, acl_set_permset,
 acl_set_qualifier, acl_set_tag_type, acl_size, acl_to_text, acl_valid.

- Most libacl extensions now implemented, too:
 New APIs: acl_check, acl_cmp, acl_entries, acl_equiv_mode, acl_error,
 acl_extended_fd, acl_extended_file, acl_extended_file_nofollow,
 acl_from_mode, acl_get_perm, acl_to_any_text.

- First implementation of pthread_barrier/pthread_barrierattr functions.
 New APIs: pthread_barrierattr_init, pthread_barrierattr_setpshared,
 pthread_barrierattr_getpshared, pthread_barrierattr_destroy,
 pthread_barrier_init, pthread_barrier_destroy, pthread_barrier_wait.

- Enabled console reports requested by escape sequences: Requesting primary
 and secondary device attributes, requesting cursor position report; see

- New APIs: clog10, clog10f, nexttoward, nexttowardf, nexttowardl.

- Add missing long double functions.  New APIs:
 acoshl, acosl, asinhl, asinl, atan2l, atanhl, atanl, cacoshl, cacosl, cargl,
 casinhl, casinl, catanhl, catanl, ccoshl, ccosl, ceill, cexpl, clog10l,
 clogl, conjl, copysignl, coshl, cosl, cpowl, cprojl, csinhl, csinl, csqrtl,
 ctanhl, ctanl, dreml, erfcl, erfl, exp10l, exp2l, expl, expm1l, fabsl,
 fdiml, floorl, fmal, fmaxl, fminl, fmodl, frexpl, ilogbl, isinfl, isnanl,
 ldexpl, lgammal, lgammal_r, llroundl, log10l, log1pl, log2l, logbl, logl,
 lroundl, modfl, nearbyintl, nextafterl, pow10l, powl, remainderl, remquol,
 roundl, scalbl, scalblnl, scalbnl, sincosl, sinhl, sinl, tanhl, tanl,
 tgammal, truncl.

- New header: cpio.h.

What changed:

- Including <sys/acl.h> now *only* includes the POSIX ACL API.  To include
 the old Solaris API, include <cygwin/acl.h>.

- In calls to chmod treat ACLs with extra ACEs *only* for Admins and
 SYSTEM like a trivial ACL.

- Bump POSIX option macros to POSIX.1-2008.

- Profiling data, specifically pc sampling, now covers all threads of a
 program and not just the main thread.  Environment variable GMON_OUT_PREFIX
 enables multiple gmon.out files to preserve profiling data after fork or
 from multiple program runs.

- Feature test macros, which control which symbols are exposed in the standard
 headers, have been completely overhauled for compatibility with glibc.

- The isinf, isinff, and isinfl functions are signed, returning -1 for
 negative infinity for compatibility with glibc.

Bug Fixes

- Fix potential hang when using LoadLibraryEx(LOAD_LIBRARY_SEARCH_SYSTEM32).
 Reported and tested via IRC.

- Fix a bug in ACL handling which might result in a spurious extra entry
 for the primary group.  Self-observed.

- printf(3): Handle multibyte decimal point in field size computation.

- cygwin_conv_path: Always preserve trailing backslashes in conversion
 to POSIX paths.

- Make buffered console characters visible to select().

- Always report relocation problems, not only in debug DLL.

- Don't spill network credentials of privileged user changing the user
 context via setuid method 1
 ( into
 user session.

- Fix bug in setvbuf resulting in overwriting data in line buffered IO
 when writing after reading.

- Fix typo in code converting Windows ACL to POSIX ACL, potentially
 resulting in incorrect group permissions.  Self-observed.

- Fix reading/writing ACLs on Samba shares when using RFC2307 mapped uid/gid
 values.  Self-observed.

- Fix a wrong error code returned when trying to execute a file which can't
 be read for any reason.

- Only allow enabled groups from the user token's group list as primary

- Fix implementation of finitel.

- Fix strtold return value for +/-infinity.

- Fix accepted specifications with `getconf -v' on 64-bit.  Self-observed.

Have fun,

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