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Updated: mksh-52b-1

Version 52b-1 of "mksh" has been uploaded.

MirBSD Korn Shell, an actively developed free implementation of the
Korn Shell programming language and a successor to the Public Domain
Korn Shell.


[tg] Recognise ksh93 compiled scripts and LZIP compressed files as
binary (i.e. to not run as mksh plaintext script)
[tg] Document that we will implement locale tracking later
[tg] Add EEXIST to failback strerror(3)
[jilles] Make set -C; :>foo race-free
[tg] Donât use unset in portable build script
[tg] Plug warning on GNU/kFreeBSD, GNU/Hurd
[tg] Document read -a resets the integer base
[Jorg] Fix manpage: time is not a builtin but a reserved word
[Jorg, tg] Make exit (and return) eat -1
[tg] parse â$( (( â ) â ) â )â correctly (LP#1532621), Jan Palus
[tg] reduce memory footprint by free(3)ing more aggressively
[tg] fix buffer overrun (LP#1533394), bugreport by izabera
[tg] correctly handle nested ADELIM parsing (LP#1453827), Teckids
[tg] permit âread -A/-a arr[idx]â as long as only one element is read;
fix corruption of array indicÄs with this construct (LP#1533396),
[tg] Sanitise OS-provided signal number in even more places
[tg] As requested by Jorg, be clear manpage advice is for mksh
[tg] Revert (as it was a regression) POSIX bugfix from R52/2005
related to accent gravis-style command substitution until POSIX
decides either way
[tg] Handle export et al. after command (Austin#351)
[tg] Catch EPIPE in built-in cat and return as SIGPIPE (LP#1532621)
[tg] Fix errno in print/echo builtin; optimise that and unbksl
[tg] Update documentation, point out POSIX violation (Austin#1015)


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