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Updated: mintty 2.2.3

I have uploaded mintty 2.2.3 with the following changes:

Desktop integration:
  * Deriving icon from shortcut (#471, ~#420, ~~#486).
  * New option -D with impact to shortcut key behaviour (~#499).
  * Not failing to start if daemonizing fails (#493).
  * Shift+Alt+F2 clones the window at the configured size.
* Fixed Alt+F10 to restore the configured size even in Alt+F2-cloned window.
  * Fixed Shift+Alt+F10 to restore both window size and font size.
* Limiting drag-and-drop pasting to actual terminal window, not Options menu.
  * Handling changing window frame geometry (e.g. Personalization) (~#429).

Terminal layout:
* Not switching transparency when entering search bar (#497, thanks to Kai).
  * New option Padding (#511).
* Adjusting window to font change (#429) and sending notification if enabled.

  * Extended special key redefinition options (#494).
  * Fixed broken Pause/Break key defaults (#515), tweaked configuration.

  * Added configuration option BellFile (#369) to play wav sounds.
* Enhanced bell sound selection in Options menu; option BellSound obsolete.
  * Test button for bell sound in Options menu.

Configuration and Printing:
  * Support process ID substitution (for %d) in log file name.
  * Support for Unicode configuration strings and Unicode printer names.
  * Support for printing fixed and tweaked, using terminal character set.
  * Indicating Printing status in window title, in case of pseudo-blocking.

The homepage is at
It also links to the issue tracker.


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