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Updated: xorg-server-1.17.1-5

The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

*** xorg-server-*1.17.1-5

These packages contain XWin and the other X.Org X11 servers.

The following cygwin-specific changes have been made since 1.17.1-4:

* Fix the -silent-dup-error option
* In multiwindow mode, update WM_STATE, _NET_WM_STATE properties when window state changes (This fixes an issue with evolution that when started maximized, it will be re-maximized every time it changes it's icon to indicate that new email is received)


The creation of indirect GLX contexts is now prohibited by default. The +iglx option is required to allow them. See [1] for more information on possible OpenGL configurations.

'-nolisten tcp' is now the default, so the server only accepts local connections on a unix domain socket. A '-listen' option has been added which can be used to restore the previous behaviour.


babc021e6bdfe0d6087b5899ac21b084 *xorg-server-1.17.1-5-src.tar.xz
95bf61a3c7adc24407d960c4988a3c3b *xorg-server-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
1ecf552beefab9d1e25c1eda8c05df01 *xorg-server-common-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
8b1af78ffd74b7e6e9e277fa634e3c59 *xorg-server-debuginfo-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
d00e42d032aa81e0b74ee0bb314cf663 *xorg-server-devel-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
69713aefb2d7098ee5008a31c88074d9 *xorg-server-dmx-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
44007d110251e9533fc8864e2d8721b6 *xorg-server-extra-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
854d983171ff91bee68c6c2a58131a2d *xwinclip-1.17.1-5.tar.xz

173a73880991bf15a3f20456ee5b175a *xorg-server-1.17.1-5-src.tar.xz
b990d8cc25859f1972fc964f8340b2f8 *xorg-server-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
860c50b57ceccc1d7cf46f2a5fef3f67 *xorg-server-common-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
f348bae45677d0ec6542af32092a1e9d *xorg-server-debuginfo-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
a04bbac7c0a4ff9ea9af541d30f0bda9 *xorg-server-devel-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
8b3adda000e13b1dd62c49a0681179fc *xorg-server-dmx-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
3984622e7b2e036c438c9daa5047472f *xorg-server-extra-1.17.1-5.tar.xz
da43263c2f25b8672cc94d68a6b69b96 *xwinclip-1.17.1-5.tar.xz

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