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Updated: rcs-5.9.3

This release brings RCS to version 5.9.3 for both architectures.  A
slightly modified version of the patch for the RCS work file corruption
problem is now included in the upstream sources along with a test, so no
Cygwin specific patches need to be applied.

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NEWS for 5.9.3 (2014-09-17):

  - compatibility w/ RCS 2.x file format dropped

    This was presaged w/ RCS 5.9.0 (released 2013-05-06), below.
    Effectively, the configure script no longer supports option
    â--enable-compat2â, and RCS programs will fail, reporting a
    syntax error, if given a comma-v file in 2.x format.

  - bug fixes

    - crash on co/ci without changes on a branch

      RCS 5.8 (released 2011-08-30) introduced a bug whereby a ci
      without changes (i.e., reversion) on a branch would crash,
      leaving a temporary files and corrupted comma-v file as well.
      This regression is now fixed.  See tests/t804, and also:

    - file corruption using stdio under Cygwin, Darwin

      RCS 5.8 (released 2011-08-30) introduced a bug when using stdio
      (e.g., with env var âRCS_MEM_LIMITâ set to "0") under Cygwin
      whereby ci with a sufficiently large working file would silently
      write a truncated comma-v file.  See tests/t805, and also:

      (Although the bug was initially discovered under Cygwin, the
      Hydra project reported the same problem for Darwin.)

  - portability fixes

    - don't recurse on âmainâ

      This is for the sake of Cygwin "make check".  See:

    - avoid C99 VLA elems in func decl, sometimes

      This is for the sake of Solaris 10 + GCC 3.4.3.  See:

  - new diff/diff3 cross-compilation support

    The configure script now assigns "optimistic defaults" to some
    diff/diff3-related vars when cross-compiling and invoked with
    vars âDIFFâ and âDIFF3â.  See README.

  - maintenance tools updated
    - automake (GNU automake) 1.14.1
    - gnulib-tool (GNU gnulib 2014-09-16 19:26:48) 0.1.222-aa0c2

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Wavetables for the Waldorf Blofeld:

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