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Updated: git-2.0.4-1

Version 2.0.4-1 of Git has been uploaded.  This includes the following

-   git
-   git-completion
-   git-cvs*
-   git-debuginfo*
-   git-email*
-   git-gui
-   gitk
-   git-svn
-   gitk

The packages marked with a * are ones that were previously included in
the main git package; if you use these tools you will need to select
them manually when you update.

For other changes, please refer to the upstream changelogs.  These are
included in the source package, or can be viewed online:

This is a substantial version bump compared to the version of Git
previously available using Cygwin setup tools, and incorporates a number
of backwards-incompatable changes; I'd strongly advocate at least
reviewing the release notes for the v2.0.0 release, if not also the
v1.8.0 and v1.9.0 releases, since these are the ones that contain the
most substantial changes.

This release comes with thanks to Eric Blake for his long-running
maintenance of the Git packages prior to me, and to Yaakov, whose work
on the package over at Cygwin Ports is now incorporated into this

Known issues:

-   On 64-bit Cygwin, operations involving fetching/pushing from a
    remote repository will occasionally hang.  Killing and restarting
    the command that fails will normally succeed.

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