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[1.7] Updated: cygwin-1.7.0-63

Hi folks,

I just uploaded a new Cygwin 1.7 test release, 1.7.0-63.

Changes in relation to 1.7.0-62:

- Add a bigger patch which allows by default to run multiple Cygwin
  installations in parallel without interferring and without interaction
  between processes running within these installations.  This is done by
  computing a key value from the installation path of the Cygwin DLL
  which is used when creating shared objects used for interprocess
  communication and synchronization.  This means, you can have multiple
  concurrent Cygwin 1.7 installations in parallel running alongside
  without knowing of each other.  However, this also implies that you
  should not try to have one process in installation A interacting with
  any process running in installation B.  The results might not be what
  you expect.  Keep different Cygwin installations separate.  This
  change comes along with a change to the cygcheck tool, see,
  options --enable-unique-object-names, --disable-unique-object-names,
  and --show-unique-object-names.

- For better debugging of multiple Cygwin installations, every Cygwin
  DLL now generates a registry entry with its installation path and the
  key value computed from this path.
  This change is accompanied by another change in cygcheck, see,
  and its new option --delete-orphaned-installation-keys.

- Start supporting v2 pseudo-relocs.  This is very technical stuff, see

- Set default locale to "C.UTF-8".

- Allow ASCII control chars in filenames by mapping them to the
  UNICODE prvate use area U+F0xx.

- Allow setuid/seteuid calls to switch to a restricted token of the
  same user.  A tool using this functionality is not yet available.


- The kill tool now accepts negative PIDs.

- Fix cygpath to generate special folder names in correct charset.

- nl_langinfo now returns more correct charset info.

- Make the fflush function handle devices better.

- Fix return value of tcgetpgrp if tty is not controlling tty.

- Fix a potential administrator permission problem in setuid/seteuid calls.

- Fix a handle leak in utimens.

- Don't return from a function caught by an unhandled signal.

- Always return a size of 0 when calling stat(2) on sockets.

- Do not add .lnk suffix if hardlinking a device.

- Fix utimes family of functions to avoid time warp.

- Allow to execute executable files even if they are non-readable by the
  current user.

- Don't crash on startup if $PATH is empty.

- Handle a certain error condition in readdir when accessing shares running
  under older (or crippled) Samba versions.

- Fix bug in ACL inheritance when creating files and directories.

- Improve the roundtrip capability when converting singlebyte chars to
  the UNICODE prvate use area U+F0xx and vice versa.

- A couple of header file corrections.


- Q: How do I know that I'm running Cygwin 1.7.0-63?

  A: The `uname -v' command prints "2009-11-03 15:06"

Have fun,


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