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[1.7] Updated: cygwin-1.7.0-48

Hi folks,

I just uploaded a new Cygwin 1.7 test release, 1.7.0-48.

The list with the changes related to the previous test release 1.7.0-47
is attached below.

                        IMPORTANT NOTE

This -48 test release comes with a couple of modifications which are
based around a change in mount point handling.  I strongly advise that
you update to the latest setup-1.7.exe, version number is 2.625, from before installing this latest Cygwin
test release.

Cygwin 1.7 is a major jump from Cygwin 1.5.x.  The list with the changes
related to Cygwin 1.5.25 is part of the User's Guide now:

If nothing goes overly wrong, the official 1.7.1 release goes public
within the next 6 weeks.

Just download and use that setup tool
to install Cygwin 1.7.  As usual, please report bugs and problems to
the mailing list cygwin AT cygwin DOT com.

We also have a new User's Guide for 1.7, which is currently located at

We also now have new API documentation

And we have a new FAQ, though very likely not quite complete since
we still don't know what exactly *is* a FAQ related to Cygwin 1.7.

Bug fixes and extensions to the documentation in the form of patches
to the source SGML files are much appreciated.  The SGML sources are
located in the CVS repository under the winsup/doc directory, for
example here:

Same goes for Cygwin patches in general, of course.

This is still a TEST release.  Don't use in critical production

Nevertheless I'd like to encourage everyone to give 1.7 a shot.  Due to
internal changes it is possible to install a 1.7 release in parallel to
a 1.5 release and even run 1.7 processes in parallel to 1.5 processes.

* The processes will not know about each other!  Any try to interact
* between 1.7-based and 1.5-based processes will lead to, at least, funny
* results.

To install a 1.7 release in parallel to a 1.5 release, all you have
to do is to choose another root directory (for instance: C:\cygwin-1.7)
in setup-1.7's "Choose Installation Directory" dialog.

* NOTE: Due to the way setup-1.7 works, you have to change the directory
* right the first time you visit this dialog!  If you pressed the "Next"
* button and then "Back" again, it's already too late and setup-1.7 will
* create a broken 1.7 install.  If you pressed "Next" by mistake, exit
* setup-1.7 and start it again.

What's new in contrast to 1.7.0-46

- Cygwin will now not only auto-generate the root directory mount point
  and the cygdrive prefix, it will also now auto-generate the good old
  "/usr/bin" and "/usr/lib" mount points.  There's no reason anymore to
  have these mount points in /etc/fstab.

- The root directory mount point is quite important.  If it's wrong, a
  lot of stuff will break.  Therefore, the root mount point requires an
  additional mount option in /etc/fstab, otherwise the /etc/fstab entry
  will be ignored.  For more details, read the new mount table documentation

- Cygwin will internally now always use the $LC_ALL/$LC_CTYPE/$LANG
  setting from the environment, regardless whether the application is
  locale-aware or not.  If the locale is not set in the environment,
  Cygwin will internally use UTF-8 for widechar<->multibyte conversion.
  This makes sure that Cygwin generates reproducible, identical filenames
  in interacting applications, whether or not they are locale-aware or not.

- The Cygwin console will also use the $LC_ALL/$LC_CTYPE/$LANG setting
  from the environment.  This drops the restriction that the console
  charset must be set at Console startup, introduced in early April.

- mkgroup and mkpasswd will now by default generate passwd and group
  entries in UTF-8, unless the environment contains a specific setting
  The same defaulting to UTF-8 output is used in cygpath, ldd, and passwd.

- Two changes in the `ps -W' output.  `ps -W' now prints all processes on
  the machine when running under an (elevated) administrator account,
  not only the processes in the current session.  It also now prints
  the name of 64 bit processes on 64 bit Windows, rather than just
  printing "*** unknown ***".


- Cygwin will internally now always use the $LC_ALL/$LC_CTYPE/$LANG
  setting from the environment, [...]
  Yes, that's the same text as above.  It's new *and* a bugfix.
  That was probably not the last word on it either, but I hope it works
  now at least better than before...

- Make sure internal widechar<->multibyte conversion doesn't generate
  externally visible errno values.

- New implementation of wcwidth, which returns correct values within
  the realms of Unicode 5.0.  The return values are not CJK-friendly
  for now.  That's still a TODO.
- wcswidth handles surrogate pairs now.

- Properly deal with TIOCLINUX ioctl when running in a windows console

- Fix sys/select header for parallel usage with Winsock headers.

- Add a workaround for a problem in console handling on Windows 7 64 bit
  (which has been reported upstream and which will hopefully be fixed
   in Windows 7 RTM).


- Q: How do I know that I'm running Cygwin 1.7.0-48?

  A: The `uname -v' command prints "2009-05-15 17:15"

Have fun,


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